On Thursday 26th June we had a Mini Weekday Outing along with some  Bexley ringers and Graham Cuthbert, Jan

Odell’s brother from Harrietsham,  to ring at three towers - Faversham, Newnham and Teynham with a splendid

lunch at The George Inn, Newnham.

As several of us are now retired we intend to have more regular weekday trips with some weekend ringing also

to be arranged sometimes.



Here is the band gathered outside Faversham church.










Greenwich and Woolwich — two birds with one stone!      

Outing to Kent September 2008


An account by Graham Long

Last year I arranged for the two redundant bells from St George's, Perry Hill, where I am Director of Music, to be transferred to the Keltek Trust. Fortunately, both bells found a home quite quickly — one as a clock bell to St Paul's, Canonbury, London, the other to augment the ring of five at Lynsted, Kent. This was very pleasing for us as we are in the north western extremity of the KCACR. Indeed, St. George's, Perry Hill hosted the Kent AGM at Easter 2008, in spite of there being no bells — although we did have the visiting Trafford mini ring (installed inside because of the snow!).

As chance would have it, the brother in law of Jim Odell, one of our ringers, Graham Cuthbert, is a ringer in that part of Kent and a member of the team that rings at various churches in the area, including Lynsted.

To mark the event we decided to have a mini outing to this part of Kent on Saturday 27 September, with the intention of ringing a quarter at Lynsted. When the date was mentioned, Freda let it slip that this would be just after her 80th birthday — so we decided to make it a dual celebration. This also meant that we cancelled our practice at Greenwich that week in order to have a celebration for Freda at Davy's Wine Bar. By the end of the week, Freda said she'd had rather a lot of dinners in the past few days!

So we set off for Kent, without Freda — who was listening to a quarter peal to celebrate her birthday at Farningham, rung by the Ladies Guild. We first rang at Teynham, a church in the middle of nowhere, where we had an excellent raise and lower, commended by the locals, and some well struck rounds, call changes, Doubles and PB Minor.

We then went onto Lynsted where we started with general ringing and then went on to ring a well struck quarter of PB Doubles. We all felt — and the locals agreed — that the new treble is a very good addition and fits well into the ring.

Unfortunately, the rather miserable landlord of the Black Lion was unable to accommodate us for lunch so we moved to the next village where a splendid lunch was had at the Chequers, Doddington [previously a ring of 6 in the local church but only 2 bells left since 1962]. Freda joined us here and we had a lovely time basking in the sun of late September. Please be advised that the portions in this pub are immense — the starters were like huge main courses — how those who had a starter and main course coped, I don't know!

We then journeyed on to our final tower, Harrietsham, where we rang a 240 of PB Doubles (2 x 40 = 80!) to celebrate Freda's 80th: Hazel Bing 1, Freda Cannon 2, Jim Odell 3, Bill Lanyon 4, Graham Long (c) 5, 768 cover Alan Munden, Jan Odell, Mike Medway.

Freda's birthday band

The 240 band at Harrietsham - from left to right:

Alan Munden, Graham Long, Bill Lanyon, Jan Odell, Jim Odell, Freda Cannon,      Hazel Bing, Mike Medway

We had thought about doing some firing for the Cannon — but did not want to upset the neighbours, so we will leave this for a future practice night.

The quarter rung at Lynsted: 1260 PB Doubles Hazel Bing 1, Bill Lanyon 2, Graham Cuthbert 3, Jim Odell 4, Graham Long (c) 5, Alan Munden 6. Rung as 80th birthday compliment to Freda Cannon and to celebrate the augmented ring at Lynsted, 2007. The new treble — 1889 John Warner — was the one originally in St George's, Perry Hill.

We intend to have another mini outing somewhere next year — although we won't have any bells to give away or have any significant birthdays to celebrate — we'll just look forward to some good ringing and a good pub lunch!